First Sustainable e-Guide for Students of Kiel University

„Fifty Shades of Green”

Fifty Shades of Green is called the First Sustainable e-guide created and designed by students from different backgrounds from Kiel University. The aim of the guide is to provide all university students with the chance to get to know a variety of the most sustainable places, institutions, and stores located within the City of Kiel.

Text: Melissa Capcha MSc
Master student Sustainability, Society, and the Environment at Kiel University

The guide´s content is divided into five sections of clothing, local shops, recreation, transportation and tools, and repairs. With a total of 37 different options, we hope you can find the easy way to experience the most sustainable alternatives of what the “The sailing City of Kiel” can offer to you. There is also an interactive and downloadable map at the end of the guide for you, to navigate. With all of these tools, we ensure you, you are not going to get lost!

Who is behind this idea?

Maximilian Drews (Germany), Melissa Capcha Eulogio (Peru), Nele Nolte (Germany), Shadi Mehrafza (Germany) & Vishwanath Hiremath (India), are five students from different subjects at Kiel University who are behind this project. However, they share the same vision of promoting a more sustainable lifestyle within their community. Therefore, once they met this summer 2020 at the seminar called “ The University of the Students – A Student-led Sustainable Transformation of the Kiel University“, they started their journey in order to create a sustainability guide that’s easily accessible with the ambition to do something meaningful and impactful.

The aim of this guide is to motivate and encourage students to adopt an environment-friendly lifestyle. Share the most relevant information with organizers of sustainable events to get access to a list of sustainable actors that have a presence in Kiel. With this, we are also promoting the integrations and networking for sustainable enthusiasts; who aspire to volunteer for sustainable activities and social causes at the university and the city level. Our main focus group is the new students at Kiel University as well as citizens of the city who will be able to explore and help the „Zero Waste City of Kiel“ to achieve its goal,  With the ease of navigation made possible by an exclusive map developed using Google Maps, you can have access to the guide´s complete collection of information, specifically at the end of the guide. We have created a QR code to make it easier for you to access the map to navigate on.

Why „green shades“?

The guide encompasses a broad range of activities encountered on a daily basis; shopping for food to clothes and stationery, recreation to repair services, from the public to private transport. Each of these categories is represented by a specific shade of green, embedded in a particular leaf shape; to envision as a symbol of solidarity with ‚Mother Nature‘. Furthermore, the guide in itself proactively voices for a “Call2Action”. We encourage you to discover your individual shade of green.

What are the lessons learned throughout their journey?

The process of working in a group in a virtual way was especially difficult this summer semester 2020. By the time the seminar started, the regulations because of the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible to host the face to face regular classes. Nevertheless, as a team sharing the same vision, it was possible to overcome some aspects like missing the face to face interaction. Even in a virtual way for them it was possible to share some positive inspiration and energy, necessary to fully succeed with the preparation of this guide. They also developed their creativity and found out very valuable virtual tools to design, hold networking sessions, and for having virtual group meetings.

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