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PerLe funding for innovative teaching 2015

Submission deadline expired on 31 January 2015

With the PerLe funding for innovative teaching, projects at Christian-Albrechts-Universität (CAU) are promoted that stimulate innovative, future-oriented teaching methods in the form of best practice examples. The focus is on learning in a problem-solving manner in research and society.

The CAU aims to “(…)achieve complete social effectiveness in the interlacing of research and teaching. Problem-solving knowledge and responsible behaviour go hand in hand, in particular in order to enable the students to independently reflect on their actions and ideas and to contribute to the solution and handling of real problems in later professional life. (…) Among the tasks of the university is the job of conveying both scientifically based as well as transferable educational contents to the students, with which they will be able to compete in the job market and observe their duties in and for society.” (see CAU Strukturentwicklungsplan (structural development plan) for the 2012-2016 period (STEP), STEP P.1) Within the framework of the PerLe – Projekt erfolgreiches Lehren und Lernen (Project for successful teaching and learning), funded by the government within the scope of the Quality Pact for Teaching, the CAU would like to promote quality development in teaching in this respect, and facilitate inter-university discussions about teaching quality, standards and innovations. For this reason, and among other things, a fund for the promotion of innovative, local projects on teaching is available for the 2012 to 2016 period, comprising a total volume of €100,000 per year.


Object and scope of the funding

The fund promotes innovative individual projects and new forms of learning, which focus on problem-solving working in research and in practice in the sense laid out above, and which can serve as inspiration or best practice examples for other teachers or areas of the CAU.


Module level

Projects at the disciplinary module level can receive funding up to €5,000.

For projects at the interdisciplinary module level, funding of up to €7,500 is available.


Degree program level or higher

Projects that further develop the teaching quality of an entire degree program or which have effects exceeding individual degree programs can receive funding of up to €10,000.

Such a project can for example aim to develop ideas and concepts for didactical further development. Here funding can be granted for e.g. external moderation, inspiration from speakers and consultation. Funded could as well be the concrete implementation of problem-solving based didactics in a degree program. Funding could include, for example: fees for the preparation of adjusted teaching materials and student assistant hours.

The funding encompasses consultation elements tailored to requirements at all funding levels in relation to the concept and implementation of the project, as well as a networking workshop.


Eligible for funding

Projects at the disciplinary or interdisciplinary module level:

Module coordinators or departmental student organisations at the CAU

Projects at degree program level or higher:

The individuals responsible for the degree programs at the CAU


Not eligible for funding

! Degree programs which are subject to fees cannot receive funding.

! Only one project may be funded per applicant per year.


Selection criteria

  1. A complete and solid proposal
  2. A solid didactic concept that is
    1. learner-centred and designed to suitably involve students in the planning and implementation;
    2. targeted towards problem-solving. The focus is placed on learning in a problem-solving manner in research and society, e.g. through research-based teaching, service learning and Education for Sustainable Development.
  3. Long-term added value in comparison to the existing range of teaching-learning courses on offer, which is shown by
    1. something new being tested or implemented, which provides meaningful stimulation to teachers at the CAU;
    2. innovative further development of the existing;
    3. concepts, structures or didactic materials or experiences being created which are usable on a long-term basis;
    4. the project corresponding to the range of courses on offer / the teaching profile at the CAU or further develops these in the long term in a meaningful manner.
    5. the underlying concept is transferable to other courses.
  4. Efficiency via a suitable cost/benefit ratio.


Allocation of funding resources

PerLe is a project funded by the government within the scope of the Quality Pact for Teaching[1]. The allocation of funding resources is therefore regulated by the Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) and exclusively encompasses funding relating to projects and not financing for basic equipment.


The following funds exclusively can be applied for:

  • Funds for student assistants;
  • Fee for the creation and provision of teaching materials and new media formats for use in teaching
  • Fees and (domestic) travel costs for external moderation and process support, and for speaker,
  • Funds for other material expenditure (literature, operating costs, etc.) are only eligible when obviously urgently necessary for the project and exclusively used here.


Funds cannot be received for

… Contracts for academic and/ or administrative staff;

…Fees for staff already contracted by the CAU ;

…Expenditure attributed to the basic equipment of the applicant (PCs, printers, iPads, office materials, etc.).


Funding period

15.3.2015 to max. 20.2.2016


Processing the experience

Projects are to be evaluated by the applicant in such a way that the experience can be further developed in a sound manner. The results will be published in a project report on the CAU-online blog Einfach gute Lehre.

Applicants are also obliged to take part in a networking meeting, to make their experiences available to other members of the university in the form of a workshop or similar and to produce a concluding poster on their project.



The jury is occupied internally at the CAU. It consists of members of the advisory body of the PerLe sub-project “Quality Development in Teaching” and members of the CAU who have previously received funding. The jury will reach their decision on the basis of the given criteria by mid of February.

Application advice

A consultation workshop on the fund will take place on 14 November 2014 at 10 a.m. and on 24 November at 3 p.m. in German. Please register in advance by e-mail to Ms. Feldmann.

Independently of the workshop, you are welcome to direct any questions about applications to Florin Feldmann (Phone: 2985;

You can also receive specific advice on the following teaching/ learning formats

Research-based teaching: Melanie Sauer (Phone: 5941,

Service Learning: Mark Müller-Geers and Frauke Godat (Phone: 5945

Education for Sustainable Development: Mark Müller-Geers (Phone: 5954,


Application procedure

Applications are to be submitted using the application form

Applications must be received by e-mail (a signature is not required) no later than 31 January 2015. A printed version, signed and stamped by the applicant and Head of the Institute, is to be sent to PerLe by the Dean’s Office (Dekanat) of the appropriate faculty.


Frauke Godat
Phone: +49 (0) 431 / 880-5945
Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
24118 Kiel


[1] This project is funded by resources from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) under the funding code 01PL12068.

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