Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change

International Study Programme – March-June 2016

Are you a business professional who cares about social and environmental problems? Are you a farmer who wants to make agriculture more beneficial for society and the environment? Are you a planner, designer or artist who wants to learn how to start a business that helps solve social problems in your everyday environment? Are you curious about other people and their knowledge and want to learn from other Europeans?

Do you believe in your capability to create something new? In short,
would you like to become a social entrepreneur? Then join us this semester, because
everyone can become an entrepreneur!


A social entrepreneur applies business tools for solving social and/or environmental problems. Success in social entrepreneurship is primarily measured by degree of social impact, not only monetary profit. Social entrepreneurs are essential for solving Europe’s economic, social, and environmental challenges. According to the Strasbourg Declaration of 2014, “Europe’s economic and social model needs to reinvent itself. We need growth that is fairer, greener and anchored in local communities. A model that values social cohesion as a genuine source of collective wealth.” It is urgent that students and practitioners from different disciplines across Europe learn from each other to develop entrepreneurial skills and social awareness for a sustainable, local impact.

Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change is a programme offered by a 5-University Consortium in cooperation with relevant NGOs. The goal is to empower future social entrepreneurs through an interdisciplinary, problem-based learning environment that enhances the innovative competencies needed for addressing social, cultural and environmental challenges in Europe.

Social Entrepreneurship for Local Change includes twelve live sessions on the internet available to the wider global community, as well as interdisciplinary and international group work with students from Romania, Estonia, the Netherlands and other European countries.

Course Content

The online module consists of twelve 90-minute sessions of lectures, reading materials, collaborative group work and other diverse active and passive learning tools.

The thematic elements of the course are designed to give students core knowledge for developing their own start-ups:

  • Identifying challenges and setting goals
  • Designing ideas
  • Designing your business model
  • Revising and evaluating your model


Conditions for participation

Any interested student, graduate or young professional is invited to attend the online course. Passive, listen-only participation is possible, but no certificate will be issued for this participation mode. Participation is free of charge.

Registration and deadlines

The registration deadline for active participants in the online course is 15th of March, 2016.

Registration and application link:

Key dates

Online course                  29.03. – 21.06.2016, weekly sessions from 15 45 – 17 15 pm CET

Parallel group work in international teams


Further information

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About our Partners

The project is jointly administered by Nürtingen-Geislingen University, Nürtingen, Germany; the VHL University of Applied Sciences, Larenstein, the Netherlands; the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE), Bucharest, Romania; The University of Kiel, Kiel, Germany; the Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMU), Tartu, Estonia; Heldenrat Beratung für soziale Bewegungen e.V. (NGO); Odaida Creativa/The Creative Room, Bucharest, Romania; and the Estonian Social Enterprise Network, Tallinn, Estonia.

social entrepreneurship for local change

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